Deep’s Technical Writing Resume

Deep’s Technical Writing Resume

About Me

I'm Deep, a Full Engineer and Technical Writer with over 3+ years of experience building accessible, responsive, and reusable web applications and websites using technologies like React, NextJS, Angular, Node, AWS, Serverless, Sass, Typescript and other relevant technologies.
I love creating content and writing articles on topics I find fascinating and believe will be beneficial to other developers. This resume contains some of the articles I’ve written both personally and for some publications.


A few achievements my articles have been able to reach since the inception of my writing career.
  • Nominated for Hacker Noon Contributor of the Year- SOLIDITY.
  • Featured on multiple publications on Medium.
  • Featured multiple times on Developer Dao Blogs.

Writing Samples

As a technical writer, I have experience working in a fast-paced community to help bridge the knowledge gap around some of the fastest-growing open-source projects.
To give you an idea of the depth and versatility of my technical writing skills, here are a few articles I’ve worked on:

Personal Writing

I create a lot of articles on my own personal blog around topics like NextJS, React, CSS, Open Source, Web development, and so on. Listed below are some of my personal pieces:
1. How to Find Length of String in Solidity — From the Smart Contract of “ens”
2. Permanent File Storage for Web3 Apps With Arweave, Bundlr, Next.js, RainbowKit, and Wagmi
3. How to Develop and Deploy Smart Contracts with Foundry & Openzeppelin
4. Create/ Publish your first NPM package

Contact information

Developer Resume:

The End

Thanks for taking out time to go through my writing portfolio. I am excited to learn new things and take on opportunities to further enhance my knowledge and create content that will help other developers. Have any opportunities you think I’ll be a great fit for? Do send me a message.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards, Deep.